Go Green

We're Dedicated To the Environment


The team at Paypa Straws makes it our goal to benefit the world in every way we can, small or huge. One of the ways we try to leave a lasting impact is changing the way people use single-use plastics, beginning with the plastic straw!

Our paper straws are eco-friendly and are made available at an affordable price. We produce straws to suit your drink sipping convenience. All materials used for our straw production are of high quality and are 100% chlorine free.

Saving the Environment

With over 500 million plastic straws being used and disposed of everyday in the US alone, the oceans are at risk. Environmentalists predict that plastics in the ocean will soon outweigh the fish if we continue on our current path.

Our Approach

We’re constantly working with restaurants, bars, and more to make the switch from plastic to paper straws. If your establishment needs help making the switch, we’ve made the process easier than ever now. Contact us today!

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